Wildlands Festival Mission

The largest event ever held in support of river conservation efforts.

This summer, Wildlands Festival will host the largest event to ever be held in support of conserving the Gallatin River and rivers across the country. Outlaw Partners, in conjunction with actor Tom Skerritt, the EVRGRN Channel and Triple Squirrels Production, are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Academy Award-winning film, A River Runs Through It, and the 50th anniversary of American Rivers, benefiting American Rivers and Gallatin River Task Force.

Wildlands Festival charities benefit from 6+ different fundraising activities and awareness of their important mission for river conservation through ticket and sponsor sales, volunteer donations, silent and live auctions, merchandise sales, and the Hooked on the Gallatin charity dinner. To read more about how these charities plan to utilize donations from the event to support river conservation, please check out our FAQ Page. We look forward to announcing the grand total at the Sunday, August 6 concert.

Our Partners

We can’t do it alone. We’re proud to partner with like-minded conservation nonprofits to protect the life-giving waterways in our region and across the country.

Gallatin River Task Force

The Gallatin River Task Force has spent more than two decades working to ensure a healthy Gallatin River for future generations. We use science and data to identify challenges and find solutions that address the watershed’s ecological health, areas for improved water conservation measures, and ways to advance techniques for managing and reusing our community’s wastewater. We focus on stewardship and sustainability for the Gallatin, implementing tactics that offer the least impact and the greatest benefits to our community, our neighbors downstream, the Gallatin’s fish and wildlife, and future generations of river lovers. Working to maintain a healthy Gallatin River is our gift as much as it is our obligation.


American Rivers

American Rivers is championing a national effort to protect and restore all rivers, from remote mountain streams to urban waterways. Healthy rivers provide people and nature with clean, abundant water and natural habitat. But the challenges to our rivers are increasing dramatically, putting our communities, health, and environment at risk. That’s why American Rivers is working to protect 1 million miles of rivers by 2030 - because for 50 years, American Rivers staff, supporters, and partners have shared a common belief: Life Depends on Rivers.


Montana Headwaters Legacy Act

Get involved. The Montana Headwaters Legacy Act aims to protect 385 miles of wild rivers by designating them as Wild and Scenic, the highest level of protect a river can have. This made-in-Montana bill is backed by Sen. Jon Tester and keeps all of your favorite Montana rivers at the forefront, whether you like floating on the Smith, fishing on the Gallatin, hiking along the Madison or enjoying the presence of the Yellowstone.



Want to get involved? Check out the below resources from our partners, Gallatin River Task Force and American Rivers, and help us give our rivers a fighting chance.

  • Receive News & Updates - Get to know issues impacting the Gallatin River Watershed.
  • Sign Now - Make a personal commitment to supporting the work of advocating for the Gallatin River by signing the Gallatin River Task Foce Pledge for the River.
  • Download PDF - Learn about conservation programs and projects in the Gallatin River Task Force Annual Report.
  • Join Now - Show your support for Gallatin River Task Force and become a Friend of the Gallatin.
  • Donate Now - Help Gallatin River Task Force continue their work for the Gallatin.
  • Learn More - Rep the River with a Gallatin River Task Force's specialty license plates that helps support their work and protections for the Gallatin.
  • Learn How - Participate in water conservation measures that aim to reduce consumption by 33 million gallons by 2025.
  • Receive News & Updates - Get to know issues impacting rivers nationwide.
  • Donate to American Rivers - Help keep the pressure on decision-makers to do the right thing for rivers.
  • Shop Online - Wear your American Rivers gear and show others that rivers need protection, attention, and love.
  • Read More - Learn about the successes American Rivers has had in the past 50 years — and what we need to accomplish for rivers in the next 50.
  • Watch River Films - Explore American Rivers’ library of award-winning films for great river stories and insights into some of the most important conservation issues of our time.
  • Explore Rivers - From the east coast to the west, each river has its own beauty and character. Each river has its own story. Take a look at some America’s best rivers and some of the rivers we’re working to protect.
  • Get Involved - Montana’s free-flowing rivers and clean water are critical to our state’s prosperity and our flourishing fish and wildlife. If you believe that healthy streams are vital for the Montanan way of life, then we need your help.