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Wildlands Festival Mission

The largest event ever held in support of river conservation efforts.

This summer, Wildlands Festival will host the largest event to ever be held in support of conserving the Gallatin River and rivers across the country. Outlaw Partners, in conjunction with actor Tom Skerritt, the EVRGRN Channel and Triple Squirrels Production, are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Academy Award-winning film, A River Runs Through It, and the 50th anniversary of American Rivers, benefiting American Rivers and Gallatin River Task Force.

Our Partners

We can’t do it alone. We’re proud to partner with like-minded conservation nonprofits to protect the life-giving waterways in our region and across the country.

Gallatin River Task Force

The Gallatin River is a gem in our backyard. Through ecological restoration, water conservation and wastewater management, the Gallatin River Task Force addresses threats to the Gallatin River head on, pledging to deliver a healthy Gallatin to generations to come. This nonprofit is community based and community driven, meaning their team counts on the support of volunteers who care as much as they do about this amazing waterway.


American Rivers

For half a century, American Rivers has been addressing river threats from coast to coast. Although many live next to rivers, few understand what those waterways provide. From dam removal to reducing river pollution and securing legislative policies that ensure we all have clean, abundant water, American Rivers tackles it all. Their goal is to protect over 1 million miles of rivers by 2030, and half of all rivers by 2050.


Montana Headwaters Legacy Act

Get involved. The Montana Headwaters Legacy Act aims to protect 385 miles of wild rivers by designating them as Wild and Scenic, the highest level of protect a river can have. This made-in-Montana bill is backed by Sen. Jon Tester and keeps all of your favorite Montana rivers at the forefront, whether you like floating on the Smith, fishing on the Gallatin, hiking along the Madison or enjoying the presence of the Yellowstone.